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Item# 0103- Luster Memory Wire Bracelet- This lustrous multi-stone bracelet is made with 3-1/2 full loops of memory wire. It is adorned with several charms, including two brass trigram yin-yang charms.
This true lustre of this piece doesn't show up in pictures, but looks fabulous when worn.


Item# 0104-Jade Waxed Linen Necklace & Earrings-
This waxed linen necklace features a 40mm jade donut, Chinese painted ceramic beads and Bali beads. It is woven to include several Chinese knots (also known as Josephine knots).
This piece measures 36" long and is available in many colors of linen as well as many types of semi-precious donuts and beads. Just let us know what you'd like!
The earrings are made of the same Chinese beads and green ceramic beads and measure 5" long.
$14.00- necklace
$ 7.00- earrings(Item# 0104-E)
Save when you buy the set!- $18.00

Click cart below for Earrings only!


Item# 0105- This 20" illusion necklace is made with pale blue, rose, cream and green graduated firepolish crystals on an invisible thread.
When worn, only the glittering crystals can be seen "floating" on your neckline!
This necklace can also be ordered in Swarovski crystals at an additional charge.
$13.00- necklace
Matching earrings-Item#0105-E(not shown)-$6.00
Buy the set and save!-$16.00